Courtney Glaude

Courtney Glaude discuss working w/ Monique, inspiration behind film, overcoming pitfalls + more!


Courtney Glaudé is a filmmaker based in Houston, TX. He joins the like of Michael B. Jordan, Jordan Peele, and Ryan Coogler as part of a wave of new Black filmmakers. Not only has the film broke indie film records garnering top 10 in the country, #158 on IMDB with several millions media impressions, the collaborations of this film ended a 13-year feud between Lee Daniels and Monique. Lee Daniels is the producer of The Reading and Monique is the leading star in the film. Based on the success of the film, the BET network will premiere the film on March 14th. Furthermore, Courtney was cast as the director of Antwone Fisher’s play this year. We will also be in Washington, DC speaking at Howard University on the full spectrum of the African American culture in entertainment.